Czerral Memoriam

Like many, you may have first come in contact with the Miessence Community by researching probiotics and discovering InLiven and/or Fast Tract – the certified organic, prebiotic, probiotic fermented superfoods formulated by Czerral Wheeler.  You also may have had the opportunity to hear Czerral speak on a recorded interview, or even had the chance to […]

Fall 2014 cohort at the Center for Intercultural Training.

PFO Report

If you’re new to my ‘once-in-a-while’ blog, you might not know that my family and I are in the process of moving to England to work with a network of small churches in the Midlands (which is a big part of why my blog writing is so sporadic these days around my consulting work in […]

Uluru Retreat 2

Australia Report

I arrived home late last night from an amazing time in Australia for the 2014 Miessence leadership retreat.  I don’t think I could possibly do the trip justice in writing, without many hours to pour it all out…  And my family and I leave tomorrow for “PFO” (pre-field orientation) in North Carolina, in preparation for […]

moving sale

Moving Out

Wow, please forgive me?  I last posted on March 7th, well over three months ago, with intentions to post again the following week.   Where has the time gone?!  Here’s an overview… As March unfolded, I felt a strong and growing need to get offline for an extended “e-fast” again.  I periodically take these breaks […]

Matching Challenge

Happy Friday!  If your read my post and watched my video from last week, you may be wondering how things are shaping up with our funding benchmark deadline tomorrow.  Well, I don’t have final totals for this week yet, but thank you SO much to everyone who has given toward our launch fund for moving […]

Faith Fridays

I’ve been thinking lately about doing more online videos and video series.  It’s been a long time now since I did my sustainability video series back in 2011 for the NJ Learns fellowship program. Perhaps a “Miessence Mondays” series… because I need to get all my testimonial experiences and consultative info on the Miessence products up […]


Goliath Goals

I recently participated in a planning call with a mastermind group of fellow entrepreneurs.  It is always fun to listen to each other’s ideas and encourage one another, especially when our businesses are all so different. One of the first questions asked was, “What do you want to be known for in business and in […]