Certified Organic Products

When you hear “certified organic” these days, in relation to personal care products, you have to ask “certified by whom and to what standards?” Unfortunately, not all ‘certified organic’ products will be what you might expect. Ask if it is a food grade standard or a cosmetic grade standard. If it is a cosmetic grade standard, ask exactly which synthetics are allowed and make sure that they are non-toxic, green chemistry synthetics derived from renewable sources. Also make sure to read the back labels to verify that the ingredients match the claims. If in doubt, feel free to run a list past my eyes – I’m happy to give thumbs up when due, to any brand that does not contain toxic ingredients and uses truthful marketing claims.

For information on the particular brand of certified organic personal care and supplemental food products that I have chosen for the majority of my family’s needs, because of their certification standards, quality, value, safety, efficacy, environmental responsibility, ethical and educational marketing, and support for the US and global economies – and for whom I now also do representative work – check out the short videos below and feel free to contact me with any questions or click here for further details.