“Label Reading for Safe and Sustainable Product Choices”

I love working with people “live and in person” and am available for educational seminars on the general topics of how to evaluate the health concerns, marketing claims, ingredient lists, and environmental impacts of personal care and nutritional supplement product choices.

My seminars can also be adapted into webinars or teleseminars for long distance needs.

Groups for whom Lacey has spoken in the past:

Holistic Moms Network          Moms Clean Air Force

Camden County Women’s Health Conference        Sustainable Cherry Hill

Lawrence Nature Center          Sustainable Haddon Heights

Stratford Green Team          Evesham Green Team          Community Green

Cherry Hill Rotary Club          Kingdom Chamber of Commerce

Green Earth Radio        Spirit Alive Radio        Take Back Your Health Radio

While I never hide the fact that I also do consulting work for the particular brand of products that I have personally chosen for my family based on all my research, I make it a point to keep my educational talks focused on general principles. Depending on the wishes of the particular group with which I’m working and the given setting, I will share brand-specific information only as requested and appropriate. And you will never hear me bad-mouth any brand… not even the ones that I personally feel are chock full of toxins or guilty of greenwashing.

My goal is to assist each individual in making his/her own informed product choices based on his/her own values, needs, and concerns – but with an increased awareness of health and environmental considerations.  In my educational seminars, therefore, my goal is to provide people with additional information of a general nature to be considered when making informed product decisions for one’s health and the health of the planet.

I love working with green-minded groups who want to learn more about the realm of personal care as an area of sustainable lifestyle change, and I especially love working with groups of people who may have not yet considered issues of sustainability in their own lives – personal care is one of the easiest places to begin that journey.

If you would like to see a basic overview of my live talk, please check out my free 5-part report. One benefit people typically find in attending a live talk over simply reading the report is the ability to bring in their personal care products for a post-talk, in-person, second-opinion glance over a product to make sure it matches up with what they personally want.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of me speaking to your group of any size or setting, please feel free to contact me.