Whether you’re new to natural health and sustainable living, or you’ve been on this journey for many years, perhaps you’ve encountered these challenges…

  • Are you tired of wasting time and money on “natural” products only to find out later you were fooled by misleading marketing hype in the natural, healthy, green, or organic marketplace?

  • When you do finally find high quality, truly organic, truly earth-friendly products you know you can trust, do you find yourself wishing there was some way to find great discounts?

  • Do you ever wish you could get answers to your questions from someone with insider insights on the industry who won’t just pitch you brand x, but who will instead, truly empower you with the knowledge you need to make fully informed decisions?

One of my earliest steps to more natural living was tackling toxic personal care products.  Shortly after a friend pointed out the toxins in the baby shampoo we were using back in 2005, I began researching this topic in serious detail as both a mom wanting to protect my own family and later as a consultant to other people wanting to protect their families.  In this work, I am married to principles, not a company or brand

In fact, I had built a business that reached $20,000+ in monthly sales with a line of products that was the best I’d seen at that point in my own journey.  Yet I happily changed company affiliations when I discovered a product range and formulator far more in sync with my core values and the values of most of my clients.  And if in the future I find something better, I’ll change again and let my readers know. 

Because I greatly value full disclosure from others, I want to always be upfront myself.  I do work now with a particular brand that I feel is the best I’ve found so far.  Beyond the product quality, value, and integrity, I was especially drawn to the Miessence community because of their commitment to educate people on general principles, with no hype or hard sell on their products, and I am grateful to now be a part of this dynamic group of change agents.

In keeping with that commitment, the “Toxic Test” list and additional resources I provide are chock full of content to help you understand what goes on generally in the personal care, cosmetic, and supplement industries so you can be empowered to more fully evaluate ANY brand or company. 

Fill out the form above and to the right to get your copy of the Toxic Test list, then grab a product in your bathroom that you want to put to the test. 

I love teaching people what I’ve learned about this particular niche, but I’m on my own journey of continual change for sustainable living and want to learn from you as well.  Please visit my Facebook page to comment, connect and share so we can all learn from each other.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you.  

————————————————————Most sincerely,
————————————————————Lacey :)